Health & Safety

PROFIL PIPEWORKS L TZIRAKIAN S.A. through almost 50 years of constant presence in the Greek market, owes its successful course of trajectory to the fact that it recognizes its times requirements, it studies those requirements, identifies goals and priorities and acts to fulfil them. 
In the field of H&S, great importance has been given to this day to the protection of human life, employees health and ensuring a healthy and safe working environment for all the company’s employees including it’s external partners.
We strive for a working environment free of unwanted incidents, injuries and accidents. We aim to eliminate accidents in the workplace

Our tools in achieving objectives are:

  • The administration’s commitment to always apply Quality Management System
  • The constant involvement of all the staff
  • The investigation of incidents & the supervision of employees in the application of safety rules
  • The encouragement of employees for the improvement of working conditions
  • Informing workers on the dangers of the working environment
  • Assessing the risks of the working environment
  • Issuing of safety instructions
  • Marking all risks
  • Taking corrective measures
  • Giving protective gear to all the workers
  • Monitoring of safety indicators by management
  • Crafting and monitoring safety programs


The company’s management and all employees of PROFIL S.A. commit to taking measures to protect the environment and prevent pollution.

The company ensures that all its activities are compliant with the relevant Environmental Legislation.

Our company’s Environmental Policy’s primary objective is for our activities to have zero impact on the environment and our continuous concern is:

● To certifiably manage the waste, we produce
● To promote recycling
● To reduce the consumption of energy and natural resources
● To manage our emissions
● To use equipment of new environmentally friendly technology
● To evaluate our suppliers and select those with environmentally friendly products

Our company's Environmental Policy’s primary objective is for our activities to have zero impact on the environment and our continuous concern is:

To achieve those objectives Profil S.A.:

● Has adopted an Environmental Management System which meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001:2004 which is applied to all environmental parameters of the company. The Environmental Management System is monitored, maintained and improved through a series of inspections, assessments and reviews
● Provides adequate resources for environmental management: expertise, appropriate equipment, trained and competent personnel
● Establishes environmental goals and objectives, the implementation of which is reviewed and evaluated regularly. Also, new measurements are made and critical parameters and processes are evaluated in order to eliminate the company’s negative environmental impacts

To achieve those objectives Profil S.A.:

The continuous improvement of the company’s environmental performance and the Environmental Management System as a whole, as well as the company’s compliance to the existing environmental legislation, are the Management’s commitments, and they are based on the active participation of all employees.

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