Board of Directors

PROFIL PIPEWORKS L TZIRAKIAN S.A.’s board of directors was elected in the Annual General Meeting of 10/09/2021 and was structured at 13/09/2021 according to its meeting.


It is a board of 7 members, consisting of 5 members and 2 independent non executive members and it is compliant with the basic principles of the Corporate Governance Law.


The term of service in the Board of Directors takes five years and expires on 09/09/2026.

It is composed of the following members:


Lybaret Tzirakian of Aris of Aris

CEO and Vice President


Aris Tzirakian of Lybaret

President of the Board

Eirini Kevorkian of Pavlos

Non Executive Member

Evaggelia Argyropoulou of Konstantinos

Non Executive Member

Kaspar Batanian of Karabet

Non Executive Member


Nikolaos Kontopoulos of Christos

Independent Non Executive Member

Georgios Gkouzoulis of Aggelos

Independent Non Executive Member

The company’s CFO is Mr. Alexandros Zavras, he is also the head of IR contact telephone 22620-32280.


Messrs. Nikolaos Kontopoulos of Christos, Christos Evaggeliou of Georgios and Georgios Gkouzoulis of Aggelos constitute the Audit Comitee which was elected by the General Meeting of Shareholders on 10/09/2021. Its term of service is five years and expires on 09/09/2026.


The head of the committee is Mr. Georgios gkouzoulis of Aggelos, according to the committee’s meeting on 10/9/2021.

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